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Donato Giancola and Fred Harper at Last Rites Gallery _(nudity)

Currently on view at New York City’s Last Rites Gallery, Donato Giancola and Fred Harper’s respective solo shows take viewers into strange worlds influenced by science fiction and fantasy. Donato Giancola’s “Silent Tragedies” is a rich series of oil paintings set in a distant realm where mechanical meets Medieval. Painting with a filmmaker’s eye, he depicts his protagonists in pivotal moments of their adventures. Fred Harper’s show “Virus Like Us” takes viewers into a megalopolis where biomorphic shapes become architectural structures (H.R. Giger appears to be a big influence). Harper attributes his interest in strange cityscapes to the culture shock he experienced when coming to New York from a small Pennsylvania town. Both shows are on view through October 4, so check them out while you still can.


 Totally made-up Johnlock scenes.

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Sail Uselessarm’s Paintings Of Women Are Like Film Noir Stills

Norwegian-born, Seattle-based artist Sail Uselessarm has a somewhat comic-like and dark style of illustration. Most of his work is labeled as mixed media, with use of gouache and acrylic, amongst other mediums. What really stands out in his work is the stark contrast between the background and the subject, the intense and heavy shadowing within the scene, and how this tight control of light creates an ambiance of film noir that feels very photographic and, in the same breath, filmic. His tendency to off-center the compositions reveals an implied motion that is also quite cinematic.

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when you haven’t saved your final project and your computer freezes


"your file has been recovered"


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That’s your weakness. You want everything to be clever.

it appears Moffat forgot what he wrote in the first act of the episode as he was writing the rest of it

If they had mentioned just once that Mary in fact intended to kill Sherlock, maybe I would believe Sherlock calling it “a surgery” was just a script mistake. But they clearly state it a few times. It is impossible that’s a mistake: they’re too good for such obvious mistake. No, Sherlock claiming Mary shooting him was a surgery is a surgery. Why? We’ll probably find out in series 4.

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